Seven Reasons Why You Should Let Ultimate Access Marketing Drive Your Business

Business has never been more competitive than today, an age when even a young person can put up his online business, take advantage of apps, drag-and-drop site builders, and social media. As a founder, you will make better use of your time strategizing than doing the legwork yourself. And here is where Ultimate Access Marketing (UAM) can help you. As you strategize to achieve your vision, UAM executes.


Logo/Video Animation

Today, the trends have changed. People’s attention span is becoming shorter and shorter. There was a time when clickbait articles ruled. But today, audiences from all demographics are more likely to be interested in content that has a video than text.

And why is that? Videos convey more meaning in a short span of time. It is easier to digest than written text mentally. And science also shows that memory retention is a lot easier accomplished with visual learning than words. We have monthly video packages available for you.

Social Media Marketing

It is unfortunate that many companies claim to be professional social marketers today when all they do is to post pictures with quotes from famous figures. Then, it is too late for you to realize that you have been had.

UAM will not do this. In fact, THE COMPANY WILL PAY YOU. Yes. That is a bold and brave company proposition.

If you purchased a social media package from UAM and the company failed to drive sales more than what you spent, the management will pay the variance between what you paid for the service and what you made in sales. The payment will be made to you the following month, either in cash or in advertisement costs.


Website Building and Hosting & SEO

This area is where many people in business fail. The first step to good marketing is a professional website. There simply is no argument that can refute this. Since most start-ups tend to use stock themes, their sites look the same with everyone else.

We build websites with SEO facility available, so that your website will have good ranking on search results of all major search engines. We do build websites with chat window, review builder, responsive themes etc. so your website looks same as your wish.

UAM will customize a website that embodies your business personal. And much better, the company will host it, too. It does not matter if you want to start from scratch, or if you prefer a custom-build for back-end channels like Shopify, Magento, WordPress, and others. UAM can do it for you.

Mobile Apps

Apps are the way to go today. If you need a business where you want your customers to log in and use your services continually, a mobile app is the most reasonable investment of all. It provides your customers with a personalized experience, and you can gather as much data about their habits as you want.

You can use this data to make informed decisions, and drive marketing strategies through the app.

UAM will build custom apps for you regardless of your business niche. If you want a food delivery app, they can do it. If you want a gaming app, they will get it done.


Digital Printing

Even though most businesses are online, nothing beats the feel of paper on a customer’s hands. It makes sense that you have physical printouts of your marketing materials like flyers, business cards, and brochures. Leave these thingsto people you meet, or in taxis.

People like printed materials because it is not obtrusive. Online, people may not even go to your website because they think that they are already committing to a purchase if they do.

And the best part? The design phase is free. And you can design it yourself.

Custom Shirts and Embroidery

One of the best ways to market your business is to give freebies to your customers. A shirt is a shirt, even if it is from a company that seeks to brand itself. Customers will appreciate your generosity if you give them shirts during your promotional stints.

You can also order custom-made apparel from UAM’s branded blank shirts for your employees should you have a brick-and-mortar business.



Custom Designs

A design should come from a professional, and this is one of the many things UAM is good at. Whether you are an engineer, an architect, or an average Joe, UAM will produce what you need and make your project come to life. At UAM, you can expect high-quality standard designs, 3D modelling, and architectural designs that you can use both in the online and physical world.

Chat Window For Your Website

We will integrate chat window into your website. No popup windows are opened. This means that our clients are one click away from Chat with you. You can also view who is browsing your website in real-time. We also build beautiful Chat Avatar with your company logo.


SMS & MMS Marketing

Industry leading Support, Application, and API to handle all of your messaging needs in the U.S. and worldwid with SMS

Google Review Builder

We will integrate your Google Review and Ratings. Low Ratings on your review? Do you know we cant delete that? Contact us to know how.



Ultimate Access Marketing has it all. The management knows the pains that businesspersons go through every day. It does not make sense for a business owner to contact one group for advertising, then another group for web building, then another group for print ads. UAM has thought of all these paint points and created a solution that will help you build a uniform, standardized, and professional business both online and offline.