Our Chat Service

Ultimate Access Marketing  provides you chat service that connects your website with your clients and helps you chat with your website visitors. The integration is incredibly easy and you can get your customer chatting with you quickly and easily.

Our Live Chat Features

Simple and Easy to Use

Extremely easy setup


Just add your code snippet to your website and you're good to go. There is no need to install additional software or any plugins. All you need to provide live support chat is a web browser.

Embedded live chat


The live support chat window is integrated right into your website. No popup windows are opened. This means that your clients are one click away from live support.

Custom company logo


Add your company's logo which will make your brand even more attractive.

Customizable colors


Choose the colors and design your live support chat widget, so it fits best in your unique website. You do not need any coding skills for this. It can be easily done via the chat settings page in your live support account.

Multilingual support


Translate the interface of your live support window to any language you wish. We do not limit you to a predefined set of words for a particular language, but give you the freedom to translate each and every word in the chat window yourself. This way you can interact with your clients in a more casual or more official manner.

Custom dimensions


You can easily customize the width and the height of your live chat box.

Real-time monitoring


View who is browsing your website in real-time.

Colors per website or page


Customize the colors of your live chat per website or even per page.

Automatic messages


You can engage with your customers more proactively by using automatic messages. Just set a message and specify the time interval after which your live chat box will pop-up with that message.This will encourage your customers to ask questions about your product or service.



Take a look what your customers are typing so you can answer immediately.



If your company have different departments, then you can assign your agents to different groups like Support, Sales and Marketing.

Visibility per page


You can easily hide your live chat box from specific pages using rules.